Asmj demo applet

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  1. Pop up the "source" window by clicking its checkbox.
  2. Type (or cut & paste) some 6809 source code into that window. Below is some sample code you might use.
  3. Click the "assemble" button.
  4. Pop up any of the other windows to see the various forms of output.

Sample code

Here is some sample code that you might copy+paste into the source window:

* This subroutine clears an area of memory.
* Push the address onto the stack, then the
* length (2 bytes), then call this routine.

clearMem equ *
	pshs x,d
	ldx 8,s      address
	ldd 6,s      length
	beq clearMem_Done
clearMem_Loop equ *
	clr ,x+
	subd #1
	bne clearMem_Loop
clearMem_Done equ *
	puls x,d,pc